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Our Revolution

We’ve created an environment that brings people together & delivers simplicity, reliability and opportunity in the provision of risk, security and emergency services and supporting industries.


Our platform provides users the opportunity to identify & engage with all members of the industry, be they employer, service provider, client, practitioner, trainer or equipment provider. Whilst doing so, we manage the background work such that your effort is maximised and objectives are reached.


Our offering includes the management of legislated and regulatory compliance requirements, as well as administrative assistance and up-skilling. We maintain an active database of licences, certifications and expiries, ensuring currency and re-certification is maintained, whilst introducing solutions to those in need.


Our platform not only maintains currencies, it promotes information and opportunity, displaying searchers with the outcomes pertinent to them, without the need for multiple users or systems.

In one environment, we bring clients into contact with providers; introduce employers to their future staff; and, we ensure that practitioners are aptly skilled and equipped for the roles required of them. We afford clients and providers the opportunity to influence the future and enrol practitioners into new ways of operating.


No. Securiverse is an impartial, industry-serving resource. So as to maintain impartiality and integrity in our service, Securiverse only engages with clients on invitation or behalf of our subscribers. Securiverse seeks to empower security providers  through services to practitioners and companies; not as a competitor.

No, subscribing to Securiverse does not make you an employee. Securiverse reserves the right to offer employment to subscribers and non-subscribers, if/when required; however, this is not a function of a monthly subscriber account.

Yes. Securiverse is secure and your data is safe; however, this platform is designed to allow for searching via the presence of attributes and location. Data and information are only available to subscribers. Please only share the data that you want them to access, knowing that the more information you enter, the more that searches you will appear in.

Yes. Securiverse is the holder of the following Agent’s Licenses in Western Australia, through the Agent, Brant Yates:

Security Agent’s License:           58830

Inquiry Agent’s License:             58830

Crowd Control Agent’s License: 58830

No, you do not have to register a business and have an Australian Business Number (ABN) to subscribe to Securiverse.

Securiverse delivers agility, resilience and reliability to the security industry. Registering a business (and having the ABN) and operating as a sole trader or company may increase agility and industry resilience; however, this is not a pre-requisite for subscribing.

Yes. Securiverse has a rating system, allowing subscribers with specified permissions to rate your performance. Be it practitioner or company, the platform rating function allows other industry participants to provide you with specific feedback and to rate your performance 1 – 5, based on the following attributes:

  1. Promptness and reliability
  2. Presentation and appearance
  3. Grooming and hygiene
  4. Professional communication and manner
  5. Reporting and administration

Subscriptions to trade, business or professional associations are Tax deductible. The Australian Tax Office (ATO) website provides information regarding the ability to claim deductions ( For further information, contact a Tax Agent or Accountant.

Securiverse’s mission is to bring all industry parties together: Practitioners, Clients, Providers and Support Providers (equipment and training providers etc.). Whilst the Securiverse platform is the most effective means for identifying and engaging the most appropriate practitioner for your needs, the employment of that practitioner remains a function of the client or company.

Securiverse provides practitioners with access to roles advertised by our subscription partners; and, our platform provides practitioners with the ability to register interest (Expression of Interest) and/or apply for those roles. In most cases, the function of employing a practitioner for these roles remains with the subscriber responsible for posting the role on the platform.

Yes. Whilst this is not the preferred method, it is a function that Securiverse will perform if engaged in that manner.

This function requires the client/company posting the role to specifically engage Securiverse to complete this function and fee/s may be applied.